uSwitch - rebrand & redesign 

2011-14 leading the company through a brand repositioning, rebrand and redesign.


uSwitch was a collection of loosely connected comparison products - visual disparate and unfocused as a brand. Leading the internal design team, the whole company was instructed through a brand analysis and repositioning - followed by analytical rebranding and rebuilding of the site for visual coherence and technical restructuring. 

The Problem

  • uSwitch is a disparate collection of comparison services, various visual approaches, tones of voice, technologies and no central coherence

  • uSwitch needs to reposition, understand its identity as a service and stamp its place in market

  • uSwitch needs to rebrand, a butchered system of unconnected visual approaches

  • uSwitch needs to redesign, off the back of a rebrand structure - style guides need to be developed to communicate a unified visual approach across hundreds of pages

  • uSwitch is without product design structure - create a cross-platform team that unifies design and build 

The Process

  • Leading an internal design team (5) in collaboration with The Future Laboratory (agency) to establish uSwitch’s current brand positioning, brand opportunity and brand future

  • Working with internal marketing and content departments, leading the uSwitch design team through implementation of brand analysis into organic guideline documentation

  • Unify cross-vertical design and front-end teams to collaboratively create an evolving styleguide

  • Utilize styleguide approach to precisely segment all pages into component structures - sharing visual rhythm where possible

  • Align uSwitch to a bold, iconic aesthetic but remain inherently commercially focused. 

The Product

Internal workshops helped uSwitch to understand where each vertical was pulling in different directions - and where their similarities aligned.

Taking this knowledge and working internally with agencies (The Future Laboratory + Thinking Juice) we were able to outline snapshots of what uswitch stands for and where it should be directed. Outlining this into a brand platform created the frame to hang a new visual direction on.

Initially developing in-depth personas from vast volumes of user data - we could begin to redesign the site with structure and intent. Leading a combined design and front-end unit we systematically moved through product funnels - establishing a living styleguide of component structures - learning and evolving these segments as new demands were met.

The rebrand of uSwitch meant more than a new site layout, it was a new working space - creating an office which breathed the brand values without being stifling and obtuse.