uSwitch: Switching Made Simple app

Refining the UX journey for energy and broadband, redefining the UI and developing the brand for marketability.


A simple switching app (for iOS and Android) that allows the customer to switch their energy and broadband to get a better deal. Utilizing device specific technology (QR scanning bills) and app logic design (tabbed journeys) the importance of making a coherent experience across different commercially structured products, engaging with the brand of uswitch but iterating its own identity. 

The Problem

  • uSwitch porting their comparison journeys to iOS and Android apps using React Native.

  •  Energy and Broadband have very different funnels - how can the app remain aesthetically unified?

  • App needs to feel more like an app, less like a responsive version of the main site. 

  • App needs simple adaptable framework to scale up to tablet views.

  • App not gettng enough traffic, quality visual marketing required.

The Process

  • Establish product hypotheses and test against focused group of users using interactive mockups. Document findings and break down into product priorities based on time frames, team KPIs and objective customer data.

  • Design quick win alterations to current product, keeps things ticking over whilst look at bigger picture.

  • Developing design language for tablet determined as big win. Data points to large tablet demand and design process is swift.

  • Inclusion of new comparrison funnel (Broadband) requires user journey rethink. App split into a more tabbed form and logic tested for iOS/Android compatabilty. Site mapping through team conversation and collaboration.

  • Re-designing marketing material, app store imagery, banner ads - online and offline material to give the app a stronger independent presence next to the mian uSwitch site. 

The Product

Working in a small team (within the larger uSwitch group) we had the capacity to test ideas and iterate designs quickly. The user-targeting and customer research was already well established, wireframing and user testing could begin immediately.

Quickly iterating interactive wireframes and running hypotheses through them in internal and external user testing environments. Business priority could then be applied to the product direction. First a simple ipad version to generate revenue (alleviate internal commercial pressure) whilst structural design engineering took place - building a UX platform that is expandable to other verticals.

Designing in a small team, sharing process and ideas as we went. Building UX logic and agreeing on aesthetic choices collectively - engaging the full team at all stages. Working closely in a React Native environment - adapting to the skillset of the developers to provide deliverable designs that speak their language.

The app needed to reach a bigger audience - needed a big overhaul in marketing material. I also generated banner ads, app store imagery (ios and android), fliers, landing pages and on-site promotion.