Unity - Trash Dash - game UI

UX system and a colourful intuitive UI for Unity educational project. 


Trash Dash is a game developed in-house by Unity - its intention to instruct Unity users on how to build an infinite runner style mobile game + marketplace platform. The game engine aesthetics already established, a UX and UI platform was required - sympathetic to the game design but enforcing the importance of simplicity and clarity. 

The Problem

  • Implement a logical UX design so menus and icons are intuitive to players.

  • Design and create a stylistic UI that gels well with the game’s art style.

The Process

  • Fast prototype operational UX wireframe to develop into game structure.

  • Iterate wireframe navigational interfaces for more complex areas of game (store, mission, settings).

  • Create a spectrum of colourful playful UI options for review. Emphasis on legibility, clarity and intuition.

  • Prototype art direction of chosen UI to test for legibility across multiple devices.

The Product

Working closely with product managers and developers, the initial task was breaking up the interactivity of each screen - ironing out kinks in the UX process, streamlining item selection and store purchasing for clarity and mobile interactivity.

Building a variety of visual approaches to the UI, blending a strong and playful design across multiple approaches - further understanding the product team and their target audience. Taking the chosen UI aesthetic and applying it to the UX wireframes - successive stages of interactive prototypes, bouncing versions to Unity’s product teams - working on daily builds to keep a constant line of communication and iteration.

Final deliverables of screen guides and sprite sheets, to be followed as closely as possible.