Top10 VPN - Rebrand & Redesign

User research, rebrand, UX and UI redesign of VPN package comparison service.


Rebrand, restructure and redesign of the comparison service Top10vpn. Having had a successful mvp in place for some time - Top10vpn sought out a market leading design to elevate their product. The restructure of the site would also focus on building engaging content around commercial incentives - reviews, guides and FAQs to expand into the sector. 

The Problem

  • Expand the MVP with a deeper site. More tables, reviews, news, articles, guides

  • Improve visual strength of brand and UI

  • Differentiate product in a complicated market

  • Enhance simple commercial routes for dropping cookies

  • Produce a suite of illustrations for guides and site wide use

The Process

  • Detailed user research and persona generation workshops, understanding a complex market of product users

  • Workshop with small team to iron out user journeys, wireframe streamlined content

  • Short project timeline = develop brand language at same time as test drive UI design

  • Iterate UI to provide approachable engaging content delivery mixed with streamlined powerful commercial driving factors

  • Create impactful illustrative characters and scenes, harmonious to the art direction of the brand 

The Product

Working closely with a small team, a full persona workshop was undertaken to understand the depths of the customer base.

Combined with competitor analysis and tone of voice guidelines a broad palette of a brand structure formed. Working in detail with the product manager on wireframes and site structure - a symbiotic process was decided upon to start designing visual UI approach and brand elements concurrently.

A bright and engaging style began to emerge - rising above the drab greys and blacks of the industry. With it emerged a playful illustrative approach - requiring a large asset library of illustration to be generated. Designing UI layouts across broad responsive dimensions - the product was fast-tracked to build with a remote team, requiring a lot of testing and visual iteration.

The final deliverables - asset libraries of optimized components for build and stringent visual style guides for page layouts.