Spotter - Sports Nutrition Recommendation

Design a journey for trainers to recommend products to their clients. Define a memorable brand. Learn and iterate.


A web app that helps personal trainers get paid for sports nutrition supplement recommendations they make to their clients. Carving a new brand into an untapped sector, working remotely with a time-poor team - the app is a succession of fast product iterations and pivots. Constantly learning more about the user base, enhancing the app (and marketing platforms) and mining the sectors commercial opportunities for new developments. 

The Problem

  • Trainers should earn money for the recommendations they make.

  • Trainer clients need an easier way to receive recommendations.

  • Define the market and their motivations, build a journey to help them.

  • Iterate on experience as new data fills in the gaps.

  • Remote, time-poor team.

The Process

  • Establish values, mission and goals of company and team.

  • User research workshop: Identification and segmentation, value and size of groups, demographics and environment of types, responsibilities, needs and wants, pain points, behaviour and attitude.

  • Define personas > define user stories > define user journeys > prioritise groups based on value > wireframe > test on targeted trainers.

  • Define, design and prototype mvp for build.

  • Create encompassing brand based on user research and team motivations.

  • Constant iteration of user journey based on daily user testing and analysis of data.

The Product

Formed as a small part-time remote team, the product idea had to be run through a complete persona profile workshop - streamlining the biggest opportunities and the quickest wins. Building a visual identity and tone of voice around these opportunities, sympathetic to the traditions (and failings) of the sector.

From here it's a constant process of team communication to establish priorities, wireframe - prototype - test - learn - design - build - test - learn… start again.