Slots Temple: Casino rebrand & site

Expanding the visual impact of brand, UX structure, UI design and html prototyping.


Free spin casino site Slots Temple needed a big overhaul. From the ground up the pages needed completely restructuring and brought up to the visual quality expected to compete in this sector.
The concepts behind the site theme allowed for a very playful colourful design. Engaging, playful and tantalising. 

The Problem

  • Ageing framework and ‘undesigned’ layout 

  • Competitors have aesthetics which draw users to them

  • Needs to be fun, friendly and themed but also simply intuitive with layout

  • Has to be colourful and engaging but trustworthy - striking a balance 

The Process

  • Working closely with CEO to structure content hierarchy on each page

  • Blocking out ‘compliance elements’ first to make sure the site is legal

  • Rapid prototyping interactive wireframes to test page hierarchy 

  • Add depth and intrigue to the brand. Giving it a playful twist with illustration and colour

  • Apply this brand to the wireframes in a build and design framework - directly designing in code so it feels as good as it looks

  • Iterate and evolve the brand as it builds. moving through page design the brand develops - expands and contracts to fit function 

The Product

The final product was a fully responsive html prototype - allowing the dev phase to be simply upgrading the code to production level. Designing the site in browser allowed for a greater depth of functionality to be considered in simplifying the interface. Depth is pulled into the site with exotic cartoon illustrative elements that bring colour and fun without distracting from the games themselves.
The design framework is so robust it has proven very easy to white-label it for similar sites in other geo-sectors.