OVO Energy: Homepage redesign

Project planning, User research, UX design, Prototyping, and User testing of new approach for OVO shopfront.


Ovo’s homepage, like many commercial homepages, was a marketing battleground that no-one wanted to own. The challenge was to represent the various products Ovo has, the products they are moving towards and their ethical prowess - in a coherent brand message.

My task as a UX Designer was to form and lead a team to take a pragmatic approach in building a validated homepage structure. 

The Problem

  • Ovo had multiple product teams, but no one was picking up these ‘shared areas’

  • The existing homepage had laid stagnant for a year, no testing, no tweaks - nothing

  • The task was too big - no one had tried to break it down into manageable chunks

  • Agile product development doesn’t spread across all disciplines in Ovo, ideas often grind to a halt 

  • A rebrand stage was in progress, the new homepage had to fix all the current UX problems AND present a new brand aesthetic. Lots of cogs

The Process

  • Brainstorm: Collecting a wide range of skillsets across multiple teams to generate some internal hypotheses. Outlining OKRs collectively to break the project up into manageable chunks

  • What users do: Using Fullstory, GA and UT.com to formulate some real-world facts on home users. How they currently interact, their pain points, emotional responses - developing statistical evidence to aid product development hierarchy 

  • Sketching solutions: Collaborative/crazy8 sketching based on the research analytics. Digesting data and sharing how we see solutions

  • Wireframing + prototyping: Creating higher fidelity interactive prototypes based on collaborative structural sketches to be taken to testing. 

  • Wireframe user testing: Face-to-face testing with multiple users, Hunting down themes and signposts. Establishing digestible documentation of results to take through to design phase. 

  • Design user testing: Working closely with design, content, brand and product in a sprint to produce a series of design options based on our collective experience of developing the project into its current state. Getting these in front of real people across a spectrum of profiles to develop meaningful decisions. 

  • Build + test: Collecting the commonly observed patterns into a visually striking final design to be taken to a dev environment.

The Product

Establishing a cross-discipline team early, with a shared eagerness to do better, helped to make a thorough case study that represents a full and logical development process for changing a page such as a homepage.

Working next to each other, discussing the whys of each phase of development - crawling before running imbued the final product with factual methodology that hadn’t been seen in Ovo product development before.

Validating the project in slow digestible chunks created a homepage design that not only solved all the product issues and represented a new challenging brand approach, but also carved a new proven way for teams to work on projects together at Ovo.