KPMG - NEXUS interactive wall project

UX system logic and intuitive UI for large-scale touchscreen interface presentation system.


NEXUS is a suite of products - powering a large scale (4ft x 10ft) touchscreen wall presentation system. Comprising of a cms system for internal content creation and management, 8ft totem interactive video walls, touchscreen tables, ipad content generation apps, giant interactive walls and smaller breakout interactive screens. Minority Report creativity mixed with MS Office functionality. 

The Problem

  • Develop UX flow and UI approach for internal content management system.

  • Design interactive ‘totem’ touchscreen columns to see daily building events and current news.

  • Create touchscreen table interface for logging clients in and changing large screen content.

  • Design tool functionality and software UI for interactive touchscreen presentation wall.

  • Design UX and UI for linked tablet app - allowing content generation for wall.

  • Event builder, suite of tablet apps to run events on interactive wall.

The Process

  • Detailed wireframing, prototyping and documentation of CMS logic and interface.

  • Multiple iterations of CMS flow based on evolving technical requirements, working hand-in-hand with devs > project management > client.

  • Create graphical layouts for large touchscreen columns - pulling in CMS content and API data (stocks, weather, transport).

  • Design navigation layout (based on technical specs) and create motion-graphic prototypes to demonstrate interactive table movement.

  • Wireframe and document software logic for interactive presentation wall. Decisive, clear and precise UI - scalable menu systems that can float and dock around the presentation space.

  • Side-by-side UX flow development with technical directors to understand how flexible the supporting tablet apps need to be.

  • Overall design language of software to imprint functionality and precision with the flair and playfulness of science fiction.

The Product

Initial brainstorming with agency and clients - establishing the full-scope of the project, its vision and the practicalities from a technical and functional perspective (Minority Report visuals look cool - but how would you open and navigate an excel doc?).

Long process of collaborative sketching, wireframing and prototyping to establish a robust CMS system and interactive wall interface that delivers a practical environment with show-stopping impact. Deep research and UI iteration into practical visual approaches to large screen operating system design, keeping navigation systems concise, informative, natural, fast and somewhat playful.

Creation of vast asset library for development and style guide frameworks for scaling interactivity across variable screen sizes.