Facebook - Proceed and be Bold installation

UX/UI for a video wall installation piece. An app to video the moment, a presentation wall share the experience. 


facebook%20 %20flash%20dev

Designing an app for a kiosk event installation - a playful experience of adding short selfie video clips to a large video wall, encouraging non-linear storytelling and community sharing.

The Problem

facebook%20 %20designing%20the%20space

Capture small video clips in an installed space - upload clips directly to large video wall system.

Require fast capture app, simple to use, clear and precise.

Liaise with wider team to marry technical restraints with physical space.

The Process

facebook%20 %20wireframes

Identify physical space constraints, build-cost restraints and impact on space.

Working within technical specs (Android software, Flash dev, 4x2m video wall) design a UX Wireframe for the app flow.

In tandem, considering physical attributes of space, design wall layout to create a simple process for maximum impact.

Design a simple UI for capturing video and positioning in wall space.

Export assets through a Flash delivery system for dev build.

The Product


Working with product managers, on site-construction and technical directors to design a simple system to capture a video moment on a device and share it on a huge video wall grid. Iterating site design options and layout determined by technical restraints and UX considerations.

Working with a developer to create a simple app for an android device that allows the user to choose a wall location (based on segmented areas) determine the video length, record, post, and re-record. The UI had to be very simplistic and efficient - the video capture and post technology needed all of the processing grunt.

Working side-by-side with developer to create assets within flash - constantly iterating visual content to create a highly optimised asset library.