City Pantry - Vendor app

Solving late delivery problems in a vendor-to-client delivery system.


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City Pantry provides a service of connecting businesses with food vendors, providing regular lunches and event food for businesses. City Pantry suffered with a lot of manual processes - one of which being managing orders being late or wrong. The solution was to place an app in vendor kitchens, allowing for stronger communication and validation of correct order.

The Problem

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Vendor (food kitchen) delivering food late to client

System has many moving parts (client orders > processed > order sent to vendor > vendor confirms > vendor cooks > vendor supplies driver > driver delivers to client)

Lack of visibility as to what issues are causing food to be late

Lack of understanding about problems from vendor

Lack of feedback/communication between City Pantry and Vendor

Lack of data on what causes issues with vendors

The Process

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Vendor interviews, visit multiple vendors find out where their problems arise and how they seem things being fixed

Collate interview responses into user stories

Work with product manager and dev team to spec out an ‘in-kitchen’ app that gives the vendor more data

Wireframe and interactive prototype app solutions - user test with vendors

Iterate on feedback, develop full UI spec for app to be prototyped in kitchens

Monitor app usage, spot visit kitchens to see app in use - learn how vendors use the software

The Product

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After discussing the problems in detail with the internal team, collaboratively sketching the funnel - and isolating its pain points - the next step was interviewing a breadth of vendors. Talking to them about their relationship with City Pantry - why problems arose and how they saw them being fixed.

Taking these learnings and applying them to detailed user stories we were able to remap the product flow - streamlining the internal process to eradicate system errors.

This then highlighted the functions the vendor would require from an app - a system that lets them know how long they have left to complete the order, where the driver is, tools to communicate late orders or problems, all in a simplistic interface that doesnt clutter the kitchen.