Way I see it...

Good design is as little design as possible (may have borrowed this).
Data is powerful - experience and skill are the decision makers.
Research is great - but don’t forget to doodle.
Every member of the team is a UX specialist.
Dont stay safe - experiments always provide something valuable.
Being a good designer is about communicating well with your team.
Design to interactivity quickly - flat world sucks.
Digital products tell a story - language and tone are the most important parts.
Listen. Iterate.

Started design-life as a flash dev (sorry). Eventually wound up at Top10.com where we grew a broadband and mobile phone comparison tool from nothing to a multi-award winning (“Best Technology & Telecoms Publisher” A4U & PMA Awards 2008-2012) market-leading site. Top10.com is absorbed into uSwitch where I ascended the design ranks to creatively lead the business through a product-wide brand repositioning and redevelopment. Stepped off the full-time train to pursue the freelance life. Joined forces with a few friends to start SPOTTER - a fit-tech startup. Now split my time between freelance design contracts, building up SPOTTER - and making/recording music.